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Improving the outcome from alcoholic hepatitis (AH) requires coordinated input from immunological, metabolic, genetic and clinical studies which can only be achieved through large-scale translational research employing the leading hepatology investigators in the UK.

Overall management of the consortium is conducted by the Consortium Management Group (CMG) comprising the PI (chair), workstrand leads, industry collaborator, patient representative, chair of the scientific advisory board and project manager.

An independent scientific advisory board consisting of international Alcoholic Hepatitis experts and industry representatives will convened annually to review the science, feedback on external initiatives in the field and to support dissemination efforts.

There are several major pharmaceutical companies and biotechs with drugs at different stages of development now being targeted at AH.

The MIMAH project is sponsored by the Medical Research Council as part of the MRC's Precision Medicine Programme.

The Consortium Management Board is made up of the Chief Investigator, a single representative from each Work Strand, the programme manager, trial management group chair, Industry panel chair, a patient representative and a Scientific advisory board chair (see diagram below).

Organogram of the Medical Research Council Precision Medicine Group. The group consists of the Consortium Management board made up of the Scientific Advisory Board, the Industry Panel, the Trial Management Group and the Data & Sample Access Committee.
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